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It is so much fun to browse your site and so easy to order. but the best part is receiving the order of beautiful marbles, in a reasonable time, with great customer service.

Alma Epperson
(Jacksonville, FL)

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Golden Turquoise Web
Sudhir Kumar
Taj International
Golden Turquoise Web
Size: 1.5"
Price: $10.99
Now $9.99 ea.

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Dragonfly marbles (24 mibs + 1 shooter!)
Dragonfly marbles (24 mibs + 1 shooter!)
Price: $3.99
Now $3.49 per bag

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Seal Life shooter marbles
Seal Life shooter marbles
Price: $3.99
Now $3.49 ea.

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Artists! This is how offering your work here is done...

1. We build your category & product pages...
2. We sell your marbles & email details to you...
3. You ship directly to the customer and invoice us!

That's it!

We have been drop shipping art glass marbles for 15+ years and are looking for new artists to work with. We ship our art marbles "artist-direct" or right from the artist. We price our marbles at the artist's MSRP and split most sales 60/40 - that's 60% of the MSRP for the artist and 40% for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to start?

Please read this FAQ to learn the basics. If you have questions, Email us. If you decide to try it out, please email us the following three things:

  1. Agreement to a 60/40 split or a counter proposal
  2. a 300x300 pixel picture of you making marbles plus the name of your studio, where you operate from geographically, what education/experience you have making marbles & what inspiration guides your work creatively.
  3. Pictures (600x600 pixels minimum, but bigger is better) of 3 or 4 works you want to offer, plus the name, description, MSRP & size of each.

We will respond within 24 hours, sometimes faster!

Where can I see work offered by other artists?

Please see the Contemporary Art Marbles page.

What kind of marbles sell best?

We want to sell a style of art marble again and again. If every marble you make is different, and you can't make it again, we're not going to be able to work together.

An example of a marble that would work well is a flower or vortex style - something you can make over and over as we take additional orders. If you have a best-selling style, we suggest starting with that.

Can I offer more than one size?

Yes, you can offer options like a choice of sizes. Other options include a choice of stands, colors or styles. Options can be at no additional charge, or can cost more. For example, you might offer a choice of colors and charge a premium for pricy glass. Other examples are including a COA, signing it or making it a paperweight for an additional charge.

What happens when someone buys my work?

  1. We secure payment & validate the customer's address.
  2. We tell you what has been ordered and where to ship it.
  3. You make & ship it right to the customer within six weeks.
  4. You invoice us as per our agreement.
    • Invoices can be sent by email, PayPal, or snail mail.
    • We will pay with PayPal or a business check.

What if I have more questions?

Please email us with any questions (If your question is regarding an order you placed or want to place, please contact us here.)

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Marbles are not for children under 3 years.

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