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Very nicely made site, easy to use, fast, well balanced. I browsed all ot it and had a good time. The professional artists were also much appreciated and enjoyed.

Jon Eberhart
(Albuquerque, NM)

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Peacock Lutz
Sudhir Kumar
Taj Intlernational
Peacock Lutz
Size: 1.5"
Price: $19.99
Now $14.99 ea.

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Moody Marbles (Emoji Series 1)
Moody Marbles (Emoji Series 1)
Price: $21.99
Now $19.99 ea. set

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Metallic Swirl
Metallic Swirl
Price: $12.99
Now $9.99 ea.

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Jeremy Sinkus with a squid he madeJeremy Sinkus says "Glass just seems to bring the ocean out of me. I grew up spending quality time fishing and snorkeling on Cape Cod Massachusetts. This experience, combined with my life as an artist, creates a line of work focusing on sea life. Iím also a scuba diver, which has deepened my love of the ocean. The visual experience of the deep helps create variety in my work, represented in my coral reef scenes and other aquatic environments. The sense of harmony when being immersed in the ocean helps create emotion that flows into my work using both clarity and color.

To manipulate molten glass with fire is a way to look closer and experience what I love with an almost extreme mode of consciousness. This heightened sense of awareness is what I strive to maintain. It is the same sense I experience while diving. Staying present with my work helps me when trying to find a balance of color, light, transparency, and form. For me, glass is a perfect medium to mimic the sea while reflecting the fragility of the oceans sea life and eco-systems. My designs express what I miss, what I look forward to, and what I dream."

A portion of proceeds will be donated to conservation organizations.

Coral Reef Sphere
(Jeremy Sinkus, Jeremy Sinkus Glass)

Size: 2"
Price: $242.99 ea.


Opal Sunset Jellyfish Marble
(Jeremy Sinkus, Jeremy Sinkus Glass)

Size: 1&1/2"
Price: $122.99 ea.



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