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Purple Turtle shooters
Purple Turtle shooters
Size: 3/4"
Price: $1.49
Now $0.99 ea.

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Shooter Blue Spot Marble
Shooter Blue Spot Marble
Price: $9.99
Now $2.99 ea.

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Fancy MarblePOP! Link Bracelet
Fancy MarblePOP! Link Bracelet
Price: $95.99
Now $88.99 ea.


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Laura Berretti, manufacturer of "Marbled Marbles."
Laura Berretti is an artist working out of Strada in Chianti Italy who creates premium marbled paper used centuries old techniques. She created the marbled paper flyleaves for "Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano," billed as "the most expensive book in the world," costing 100,000 Euro (about $126,864) to make, per copy.

Laura manufactures her “Marbled Marbles,” (imported exclusively by by hand, using the very same technique used to apply marbled patterns to the endpapers of old book covers. The technique is illustrated beneath her product images below.

Sorry, we have no Laura Berretti items available at this time.

How Marbled Marbles are Made


Before processing, the marbles are unadorned, hand-rolled white ceramic spheres ~ 3/4" in diameter. Marbling is a graphic process. Different colors are dropped onto a liquid bath made of a jelly is extracted from seaweed, which allows the colors to float without mixing.


Patterns are then created in the paints by using a special stylus or rakes, that are reminiscent of the vein pattern in marble. Each marble is dip dyed into this color bath.


After this each marble is rinsed of extra color and left to dry on a grids to the left of the artist. At right are finished marbles. 'Pontils' form at the point on the marble that leaves the color bath last.

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