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    when I was a kid.....

    I grew up in the 60's, and the game of marbles was king in the schoolyard. I remember waiting for recess to go outside and "knuckle down" with the other kids. There were several games to choose from. We played "Ringer", "Bunny Hole", and "Chase". Bunny Hole was the one where you stuck your heel down in the dirt and spun your body to make the perfect hole. The object of the game was to shoot your marble as close to the edge of the hole as possible without going in. After your initial shot, you were allowed "two boots and a shove" to finish your try. The "boots" were accomplished by putting your foot sideways to the marble and kicking your shooter foot with the other one, in the direction of the hole. A "shove" was the act of shooting the marble to the hole with a swipe of the side of your index finger. If the game was "keepsies", you would claim all the marbles that fell into the hole by other shooters.

    The game of "Chase" was where the first shooter took a random shot with his marble. The next shooter would try to hit the marble with his marble to win it. Turns would go back and forth until someone made contact with the other kid's marble. These games got brutal, since you were allowed to pick the marble up and lob it at the other guys. Some kids played with big 1" steelies, and would crush a players marble with a hard overhead toss. You did, however, take a chance at losing your precious steelie if you missed. This game was never played for "funsies".

    I guess my fondest memory was the marble bags that I used to carry back and forth to school everyday. I grew up as the son of a second generation lobster fisherman, and my mom worked long hard hours in a "sweat shop" in a textile mill. The economy wasn't the best back then and we were of modest income. My only new marbles were the ones that I won from the kids who were "better off". Those kids all had the best leather marble bags. Some had custom embroidered ones with their names on them. Every kid wears out their jeans, and for us it meant cut-off shorts. My mom would take the legs of the jeans that she cut off to work, and she would sew one end shut, and roll and hem the other end and run a drawstring through it. I had an unlimited supply of denim marble bags. I was embarrased by them at first but soon all the kids wanted them and my mother made many. I even got to trade one or two for those fancy leather ones.

    Well that's my marble story, and I haven't been able to find any of my old marble stuff that I last carried to school over 35 years ago, but I'm always hoping that someday I'll find one of them tucked away in the attic of my parents house. I don't remember if there were any oxbloods or CAC's in those bags, they were all cool to me back then.

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    Re: when I was a kid.....

    Great story! Now go find those marbles!

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    Re: when I was a kid.....

    I also played in 1960s but was lucky. Mother kept mine ! Threw away the rest of stuff. I had about 3000 and still have them stored away. No oxbloods etc and oldest stuff is some St Marys Allies but some nice Vitros and Marble Kings and Allies.

    Of course I have since added tens of thousands to those :-)


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