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    A Cali Mibster chucks_mibs's Avatar
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    Altadena, California

    White balancing for marble pics

    A lot of people dont utilize the white balance function on their camera.....this is a very important feature of most cameras that can save you lots of time and heartache with the perils of image editing your marble pictures with software....

    Most digital cameras have a white balance function that enables the user to achieve true colored pictures without the use of image editing software (white balancing can also be done with most image editing software too). Why not achieve the perfect picture as soon as you snap without having to edit the pics later?

    Heres how it works:
    Regular light bulbs that you use for your house have the tendency to emit yellow tones.....Flourescent lights and incandescent lights and even your cameras flash tend to emit blue tones....When using these light sources for our marble pictures, they dont always come out with true colors....of which we have to edit later in photoshop, or whatever image editing sofware you are using

    Whatever your light source is, all you have to do is put your camera in the fully automatic mode (for aperature and speed), and using your light souce take a picture of a white card. You will then use this picture as your base line guide of "white"......Most cameras will have instructions on how to do this. So in essence, whatever the color of your light source is (too blue, too yellow or too red), your white card image will show this ......Simply "select" this image as your white balance image, and all subsequent pictures will treat this as "true white" thus eleminating the unwanted hues on your pictures. This will give you better images and will save a lot of time editing marble pictures....

    Hope this helps everyone. If you have any questions please ask
    -Chuck Jr.

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    Almost done with marbles catfish's Avatar
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    Re: White balancing for marble pics

    Good job explaining this Chuck! Great info. Most will find this very usefull.

    I shoot Raw and adjust in post-processing, but you are 100% correct in that this is the correct way for most people. Its really simple once you've done it a time or 2.

    It is also worth noting that when you take the photo of the white card, to be sure and use the exact same lighting. For instance, if you are going to use flash, use flash to take the white card photo. If you plan on also having all the lights on in the room during the photo, have all the lights on when taking the white card photo.

    Well done Chuck!


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    Registered User sjstokes75's Avatar
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    Re: White balancing for marble pics

    Wow! This is great information. I have to admit my complete ignorance about "white balance." I'm definitely going to try adjusting my white balance as soon as my husband brings my camera back from vacation.


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    Jan 2007

    Re: White balancing for marble pics

    I am a little closer to understanding the optics but I am still way behind as far as pro-photography.

    I am an antiques appraiser not a pro-photographer.

    THANK YOU for the tips on making my images more clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WildChild WildChildMibs's Avatar
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    Apr 2008

    Re: White balancing for marble pics

    OMG! How easy....Thanks for teaching this old blonde a new trick...LOL
    "Sometimes I agree just to disagree"

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