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    Marbles in the house game

    Hi ,my granddaughter turned 2 on Valentines day and she loves to play with the marbles ,so i took small box cut off top flaps and cut small hole in box like a door and we shoot marbles in to door ,she just throws them or carries them over and puts them in but as much as she enjoys it won't be long untill she is shooting them.Lots of variations for this game and good practice for other marble games ,can be played inside when weather is bad.She likes marbles in the cases and will sit and look at them and name colors and which are shooters ,sometimes just picks one out and says "thats a nice one" or "look at this one" not sure who has more fun her or me . All you need is a box and some marbles ,if you don't have playing marbles ,there are some real nice ones for sale here on Land of Marbles.

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    Re: Marbles in the house game

    Cool!! Glad to see that your grandaughter is going to have marbles be some of her earliest childhood memories. Cool game, too! Sounds like it gives you both lot's of fun!

    My daughter just turned one, but in a few years she will be definitely introduced to the world of marbles!

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