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    Jun 2009
    Copperas Cove, Texas

    New marble collector here... Houston, TX

    I am 34 years old and have recently started collecting marbles and also playing marbles with my kids (better than video games). I was wondering if someone could direct me to a store, collector, dealer, etc. in the Houston, TX area so that I could see what a real marble collection looks like, purchase some marbles, and meet a real life marble collector in person. I enjoy looking at marble sites on the internet, and I have ordered a couple books (from this site... should be here soon). Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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    Super Moderator lstmmrbls's Avatar
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    Jan 2000
    Vallejo CA

    Re: New marble collector here... Houston, TX

    Welcome to the board Doc. Hopefully we have some members in your area. Pops lives in Houston but I only get there a couple times a year. Peace,Galen

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    Jan 2000
    Shawnee USA

    Re: New marble collector here... Houston, TX


    I am no help for Texas.
    There are some great collectors down there, but they will have to speak up.

    However, if you ever make a trip to Kansas, there are a couple of spots for you.
    A few miles south of Fort Leavenworth is a store dedicated to marbles.

    The name of this establishment is Moon Marble Company.
    It is located in Bonner Springs, KS.
    Bruce Breslow has millions of machine made marbles for sale, along with hand-made contemporary marbles.
    Bruce is truly an ambassador of marbles.

    Along with Bruce as a marble ambassador is Cathy Runyon-Svacina.
    She and her husband have their collection at a local museum.
    Check out her website:

    There is so much to discover!
    Enjoy your journey!

    John McCormick
    "Shamrock Marbles"

    P.S. This week is a big show in Amana, Iowa for marbles!

    P.P.S. There is a show in Tulsa coming up very soon also!

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    Jan 2007

    Re: New marble collector here... Houston, TX

    Hello doc,
    I am a long time collector and seller (30yrs) and live in SW Houston, just outside the 610 loop. It would be fun to show off or sell some of my marbles to you ! Reply here or PM
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    Feb 2006
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    Re: New marble collector here... Houston, TX

    Hey Doc, good timing, not all my marbles sold at the yard sale Sat., so I can send you some for free. WIll try to mail by this Saturday. Please send me your USPS address in a private msg if interested.
    PS Carters, hang tight, your package is going out at the same time!

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    Dec 2019

    Re: New marble collector here... Houston, TX

    Hello. New on here as well. I cant help you with info but I can help you start your collection by selling you mine. 70 plus vintage marbles. Im in katy area. Email is

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