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    Re: Calling all Mega Marbles Collectors

    Dave and Jabo parted ways a couple of years ago. Dave's Appalachian Swirls is the "brand" that he has been making with the special runs like he did at Jabo. Jabo is doing some special runs also but I don't think they are doing anything else with marbles - not even industrial runs - that I have heard of.

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    Re: Calling all Mega Marbles Collectors

    That's what I thought. When I said MK was the only US manufacturer left, I was referring to wholesale suppliers. Personally I don't consider anyone catering to the collector market to be a "regular" marble manufacturer. I'll agree that the limited production runs they've made are beautiful, but they are created specifically to take advantage of the current popularity of marble collecting, and IMHO are not "real" collectibles. I've been interested in collecting, and the collecting phenomenon all my life, and one consistent pattern I've seen is that collectibles produced after a category has become collectible, and specifically for that market, rarely hold their value for long.

    It's true Mega Marbles were produced after marble collecting became popular, but they are not offered at inflated prices and purported to have value just because they are marbles. They are marketed primarily to marble players for play. They have become more aware in recent years of the market that exists for them because people collect them, but they don't abuse that fact by overcharging for them. When someone charges hundreds of times more than it costs to make a product, they are abusing their market. The Jabo limited runs did help Jabo to stay in business a bit longer, and Dave's a really nice guy, but I'd be lying to you if I said I think buying contemporary limited-run marbles was a good investment. Again, this IMHO. When it comes to collectibles, supply and demand is what sets the market values, and the reason limited run values rise meteorically and then crash is because supply outstrips demand.

    When Jokers were trading for $50+ I refused to buy in. I finally bit when I was offered them at $12.50 per piece, but I took a loss on it because now I can get them for $1 ea.

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