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Thread: Other Passions?      Share

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    Re: Other Passions?

    Fire trucks and poker

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    Re: Other Passions?

    Quote Originally Posted by minniemckenney View Post
    I also like to build and drive demo cars, hoping to find some cool marbles rolling around in a wrecker one of these days. I am starting to build some bikes and collecting the old balloon tire bikes
    Awesome! PM me sometime! Where are you located? What do you run? I used to be a mid-70's Ford guy, but switched to Chrysler and 58-64 Fords/Mercs. Building a 67 imperial right now.

    1964 Merc.

    The 67 Imp again...

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    Re: Other Passions?

    Jeez. Toy horses made before 1960, 1948-1960 Hartland Plastic cowboys on horses (both big and little sizes, and of course the saddles, hats, and guns that go with them. And the couple of cowgirls). A few Hopalong Cassidy things. Some basketry, small sculpture, containers, other odds & ends from tribal areas of the South Pacific. Handful of nice old yoyos. 19th century silver serving utensils (OK, a few 18th and 20th century ones too). Please. Someone stop me . . .

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    Re: Other Passions?

    hmm. where to start? between the two of us... LV Aronson Elephants, German shepards, ivory, (alaskan, indian, african, antique and artifact type)) yo-yos (old&collectable only) LP's, old 1960's and 70's stuff, art nouveau stuff, akro ashtrays, tab handles, and car types, slag glass gear shift knobs, some japanese and chinese antiquities, polar bears, ..somebody stop me too!... LOL. our house has been known as 'the museum' for 30 years. :D

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    Re: Other Passions?

    Quote Originally Posted by coolspecs4u View Post
    Hotwheels, Tonkas, 18 and 24 scale model cars, Bottles, Coins. Gems, Arrowheads, Meteorites, Shark Teeth, Cookie Jars, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Old Books, Canning Jars, Knives , Hatchets, Ceramic Banks, and I luv old cars. Might have forgot a thing or two.
    I was searching through old threads for anything to do with meteorites and I noticed that you mention something about meteorites. Do you hunt, collect, study? Are you still into meteorites?
    I have meteorites for marbles or marbles for meteorites if you'd like to make a trade or something.
    Joe K
    Mr. Meteorite


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