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    Thanks for the Mega Marbles Al!!

    I just got your Mega Marbles in the mail. Thank you!!! Boy, getting marble mail never gets old, it's always a thrill!

    A few remarks...

    You mentioned you were unsure about one Confetti as it was multicolor. Confetti's are iridescent cat's-eyes. The catalog shows them as solid color cat's-eyes, but evidently they produced them as tri-colors dod say it came from a Confetti bag, right?

    You sent an iridescent Halloween - normally, Halloween is not iridescent. Many unnamed varieties are manufactured and sold in various assortments, and marbles like this could be runs produced for just such a purpose, but I like to think of them as "types gone wrong," or errors if you will. Other examples I have are frosted Michelangelo, and Turtle with frit sprinkled on it. There are also "hybrids" such as Agates, Streamers and Old Fashion with extra colors. Diamond Crystal Octopus' origin is in just such an error. Octopus was supposed to be transparent purple with white swirls, but they made a huge quantity with an iridescent coating by mistake - the first year they were released, the catalog and price list referenced Octopus, but DC Octopus is what was produced and even shown in the catalog. They found the error had been made and the following year they fixed the picture in the catalog (showing a non-iridescent Octopus), and started offering both DC Octopus and Octopus in the price sheet. offered both, and DC OCtopus was the better seller, but after 5 years they finally sold off the DC Octopus and only regular Octopus is available to this day.

    The other oddballs you sent are the 3 mibs in the bag labeled "iridescent Serpents?" Serpents have red and yellow swirls on a light blue - the variety sometimes mistaken for Peltier NLR Superman. These have dark blue ribbons on the light blue base - a color that shouldn't be there at all. One on the mibs is Dark blue and red on light blue, another is dark blue and yellow on light blue, and the 3rd has red and yellow ribbons on the light blue base, as well as a third color ribbon that seems to be a brown to black - like a "burnt" color. I don't think these are Serpents at all. As far as I know there never was a named variety with dark blue on light blue like this. Did these come from a serpent bag? If I found this loose, I would consider them one of the many unnamed varieties manufactured for resale in assortments.

    If you want to read more of my ramblings about Mega Marbles, please see the other post I am about to write!

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    Re: Thanks for the Mega Marbles Al!!

    You're welcome, Pete. As for the oddballs, none of them came directly from a bag that was labeled as such, inlcudingthe 3 color 'confetti' (cat's-eye). They came from the assortment type bags like Party Assortment or were one of the few loose Megas I had. I sent them to you with the ?? as I fgured you might figure out for sure what they were and add them to your 'oddities'.

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    Re: Thanks for the Mega Marbles Al!!

    Do you need me to send any still Pete?

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