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    Milkie rules?

    There's a game called "Milkie" described in Ferretti's "The Great American Marbles Books". The description is copied pretty much verbatim on this webpage:

    This description raises far more questions than it answers. What does "hit to a corner" mean? Where does the "corner" begin exactly? (There's a diagram in Ferretti's book, but the square is just that - a simple square.)

    "...Coming within a hair of your opponent's marble" Does this refer to the milkie or the shooter marble? Does this mean your opponent can bang your shooter yards away? Since this description says it's a tournament game with "identical squares set up all over the lot" it appears you'd be knocking your opponents' marbles right into other games in progress.

    What does happen in the milkie is shot out of the square? Is the shooter eliminated? Does the shooter's marble have to remain in the square? What happens if it does/doesn't?

    Again, it's described as a tournament game. Has anyone heard of/seen/participated in a tournament of this game?

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    Re: Milkie rules?

    Never heard of this game or most of the others in the Book. The author did a heck of a job digging up all those games!

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