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    Statement direct from Dave McCullogh

    Early this morning i received a phone call from Dave McCullogh. Dave ask me to post this statement from Dave for the marble community.
    Myself with a heavy heart and regrets it is as follows.
    Dave McCullogh no longer has any connection or ties to Jabo Inc. of Reno Ohio. Dave would like to express his sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in helping make possible the Jabo expiermental private investor runs possible over the past years.
    Dave McCullogh

    From myself,please do not email me or call me for details or questions at this time. I will not respond at this time.

    Ron S.

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    Re: Statement direct from Dave McCullogh

    These are among the rarest of the RAINBOW run Jabos, with some examples showing a deep burnt red, burnt orange, and even some with streaks of yellow which calls to mind Oxblood Egg Yolk marbles of old. I will add additional items as I have time. If you have some of these beauties consider letting us photograph them for history.

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