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    Seeking info on value of a marble - black hand made 3/4"

    I have an opportunity where I may be listing some marbles on eBay for someone I know who doesn't "do" online sales. He says he is just wants to cash out on some marbles he's had in his inventory for a long while and is not particularly attached to getting a specific price, but I want to make sure I get a fair value, too. Especially since, if these sales go well, I will probably have more chances to list some other marbles for him, later on. And, I suspect he may have some kind of a value in mind that he is hoping to get for a few of them, even though he said otherwise.

    So, with that said, here is one of the marbles. It is hand made, and I've forgotten what this type is called so knowing that info would be helpful, too.

    Size on this one is a very tight fit into the 3/4" circle of a template, so I'd say it's probably the next size up which would be a 25/32" although my template goes by 1/16" only after the 3/4" size. There are no major dings, the pontil is ground and there's a little depression in the glass that is not a chip but may look like one in the photo. Not a real glossy surface but otherwise very nice (I think).

    Thanks in advance for any help with this marble and a few others that I'll probably also be asking about some time soon.

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    Re: Seeking info on value of a marble - black hand made 3/4"

    If the black is opque it is an "indian". If the base is dark but transparent, it is a "maglight" or sometimes called "maglight indian", This type of marble is difficult to evaluate for condition. They typically have many small surface problems as a result of the way they were made. This will not affect value as long as they are small, and as long as they are all due to the manufacturing process, and not damage from use. Any damage from use, even small, will seriously alter the value. This one is an "end-of-day" style, which means that the glass that was used for striping was small pieces that (when stretched)resulted in bands that don't always go pole to pole. (Precision indians have complete pole to pole stripes). As end-of-day indians go, this is a somewhat weak design. Usually they will be more colorful, with wider bands. If all the surface marks are as-made (which seems doubtful) it might be $50. With small marks from use, perhaps $20-25. ... Roger

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