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    "chase," how was it played

    In addition to ringer, we also played a one on one game called" Chase". This where you and another kid produced a good quality marble, and then you shot out into the grass etc. After you both shot, the chase was on, the idea was to get close enough to score a hit on the opponnents marble, and move it enough to qualify as a score, probably about a quarter of an inch on the average. This was intense play, and could go in for a while till one player or the other made the scoring hit.
    This game sounds quite fun, but I have read this post several times, but am unable to understand quite what the writer was trying to say. Can anyone provide me with a better description/more detail of how this game was played. I am sure people who have played this game before can make perfect sense of what the writer is saying, but having never played this particular game before, I am finding it difficult to decipher the details, and cannot form a clear picture in my head of how to play.

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    Re: "chase," how was it played

    The way I remember you'd have to get within striking distance and actually 'strike' the opponents marble in order to 'win'. You'd hear it if it hit = chipped marbles

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