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    Marble craft ideas

    For Mother's Day, my wife and I created stepping stones with our one-year-old's handprints set into them, then placed colorful glass pieces around the perimeter. I then made one for myself, but instead of using glass pieces, I used a bunch of my less valuable marbles (the common cat's eyes, etc.) to outline the perimeter. At first, I thought that, being spheres, they would make walking on the stepping stone uncomfortable and awkward, so I shoved them just a little more than half of their diameter into the cement, and it turned out just fine. I know have plans to find just the right color and shade of marbles to represent the sun and planets on a tabletop mosaic, the rest of the mosaic being filled in with broken glass bits just as normal.

    I have seen the little metal bits that can be purchased to turn a marble into wearable jewelry and such, but I was curious if anyone else out there had used marbles to create crafts/art. I am a complete marble nut, so I would love to gather as many ideas as possible. It would be fun to turn them into a book. I have zero confidence in my ability to get said book published, but it would be fun to at least put the book together and try.

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    Re: Marble craft ideas

    Magic With Marbles, Hazel Pearson Handicraft, 1962 and 1964; Marvelous Marble Art, Children’s Arts & Crafts Book, Shure Press; they are a couple books I am aware of - out of print but probably show up on Amazon or eBay periodically. Neat idea about hte stepping stones.

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