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Thread: Red and White Oxblood?      Share

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    Red and White Oxblood?

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    Are these oxblood? It is two different marbles. Are they old? What would they be called- they are not swirls, they look like two colors of glass pushed together. One is a deeper red, one is more of a faded red.

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    Re: Red and White Oxblood?

    That dark red is about the right color for oxblood. But hard to ID in a photo. Not used to seeing oxblood occur in that pattern.

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    Re: Red and White Oxblood?

    OK, so at least I know I am not crazy. I have had a tough time id'ing both of these, as they fit no pattern that I could find. All of the marbles I have were purchased in three lots, and this was in with a blue mica and an open core swirl with white latticino, so I THINK it would be older- but there is no pontil mark like there is on the latticino.

    I know the oxblood is a very specific color. These are not red- the second one is a bit lighter, more like a brick, (not the marble, an actual brick) but the first one is for sure a dark, deep blood red.

    Is the only way to know to take them to a show? Are there any in the MD-DC-VA area anytime?

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    Re: Red and White Oxblood?

    The red looks slightly transparent to me ruling out Oxblood.
    CACs make me smile, Galen

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