I was cleaning out a closet in a spare bedroom today and stumbled upon a case of marbles I bought from JABO back around 1993 or 1994. I now remember have another one buried somewhere at my office I had also forgotten about.

The case here is a 55 pound carton of 1" classics and the one at my office I think are the 5/8". The 1" classics are a wide variety of colors and styles. Both cases were opened at some point but I never did anything with them. Is there any market for these JABOs and if so what are they worth? I'm downsizing and got rid of most of my vast collection of antique German stuff (Lutzes, Sulphides, Onionskins, Micas and such) with Morphy Auctions last year. I'm limiting my collection to onionskins and EODs 2" and larger. Thanks