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    No!! lol

    I recent received a jar of marbles from an elderly customer who never had children. She apparently had a mix of hers from her childhood and some newer ones. I need to figure out which ones I should let the kids play with and which one have value. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: No!! lol

    Hi,You've some old and new marbles,nothing really stands out for me,it's nice for a novice collector,especially to learn.

    I would take the old ones out,and give the rest to the kids.

    First pic- middle row-second from left is a Vitro,the 2 last ones are German Benningtons,they are from about 1900,so is the last one from the bottom row.
    The middle one on the bottom is a patch,can't see from that one view who the maker is.

    From your second pic-,the left one middle row looks interesting but can't tell from that one view what it is,maybe some more views would help to give an ID.
    The right one from the middle row is an Akro slag.

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