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We touched base a while ago . Subject Scott Patrick
Did you tell me hes making marbles again but were
to expensive for your secondary market ?


Does anyone have any Scott Patrick marbles they might
want to sell ?

Thank you all

Hello Pete,
I was fortunate to pick up many Scott Patrick Marbles recently. I had to pay a good price for them, but they are all Beautiful Marbles. I own approx.100 of them and have several in groups of 5 or 6 on ebay.. Take a look and see what you think. My seller name is inproper and I just put probably 24-25 SP marbles on auction. I put basic marbles on Guineas, Swirls etc. but I still have some Lutz and several Micas I will be selling in the near future. I may be able to get more, but price is my only problem, as mentioned earlier, they are quite expensive, but Nice.. Hope you like what you see, they all got bids immediately, so somebody liked them as much as me... Feel free to get back with me if you want more info. Thanks