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    Tim R. catfish507's Avatar
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    Dec 2015

    Four Score

    These were 3 different purchases on E-bay. The 2 smaller ones are 15/16" and 7/8". The listing was titled "3 Old Glass Marbles". My jaw dropped when I first saw that shrunken core mica blizzard. I paid under $75.00 for all. That was the only photo for the listing. The blue Onionskin has mica, it is very unassuming. The mica is right on the colored glass not floating above it. It's 1/3/8", all original surface. The larger Shrunken Onionskin Blizzard is 1 3/8" with a couple bruises and some as made blow outs, but I think it's just so cool looking, you don't even notice the flaws. Almost too much mica, if that's possible. I had to pay a few buck for that one, so it may not have been such a great score. Would any with expertise care to give me an appraisal. I paid about $475 for the large one, seemed like a good deal at the time. Thanks again for all the great help with ID's. It been fun.

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    Re: Four Score

    I don't know values.

    Just that they're pretty.

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