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    Feb 2014

    Have I lost my passion for marbles?

    As this year's gone on I'm finding I'm just not as excited about marbles as I used to be. I've invested a lot over the past few years into assembling and curating a collection of marbles none of which are especially valuable but all of which are the nicest hand picked specimens of my favorite styles that I could find, not to mention all the carefully picked lots I have stashed away for the day some of these do attain some semblance of vintage or at least rare and long ago discontinued status. Lately, though, hunting down and sorting through marbles seems like something I just don't have time for. Maybe some new Mega styles in 2017 will get my attention again but for now it seems like I've got enough of what's available with a little hustle, and everything else is way out of my price range or not even that interesting to me to begin with.

    No plans to get rid of my collection. Friends and family unanimously agree that the marbles are cool and awesome and all that, but it's going to be such a pain to move them when I have to and when that time comes I'm sure I'm going to wonder what I was thinking and why I put all the effort into acquiring all these little balls of glass in the first place.

    It makes me really admire those who are able to stay enthusiastic and keep collecting for a whole lifetime.

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    Oct 2015
    North Plains, Oregon

    Re: Have I lost my passion for marbles?

    This came up recently in the All About Marbles forums. It seems to happen to nearly all of us. I quit collecting for a bit over 10 years and started up again last November when I got an email asking about a set of marbles on an old webpage that I had forgotten existed. Started digging out boxes trying to find these particular marbles and got more excited with each new box. Started collecting again in December. When I was actively collecting I had a good job and plenty of extra spending money. Resulted in some really nice high end marbles. Now I'm retired and on a small pension and social security so no more $300 marbles, but I'm enjoying collecting Peltier Rainbos and an occasional treat.

    Take a break. Don't do anything rash. Maybe pack your collection up and put it out of sight. Give yourself some time. You probably shouldn't wait 10 years though.
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    Re: Have I lost my passion for marbles?

    I've lost my passion for marbles several times and I haven't been collecting that long, I always come back though. This last time it happened I got into photography and I combined my passion for photography with my passion for marbles, has really made both hobbies better.

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