Jan 19th, 2017. Dave's Appalachian Swirls Buckeye Run. This is a killer run loaded with Cranberry, Oxblood, Lutz, and several unique types, including the "Oxblood Blue Egg Yolk AKA Superman Shredded" "Wonder Woman (Look for Gold Lassos)", Lemoncello, Pink Cranberries, Blue Cranberries, Oxblood Egg Yolk Aventurines, and Cranberry Sherbert, Iceballs and more. Sure to be a sought after run. Looks like 2017 is shaping up to be D.A.S.'s breakthrough year. Even hearing rumors the JOKER's are planning for a June run. Stay tuned.

You can see all the Images here...

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Far Right

Ed Parson's is calling an Oxblood Blue Egg Yolk
I call it a Superman Shredded or Buckeye Bloody Superman.

Cranberry base with a Ladies Touch of Pink.
Calling these "Cranberry Ladies"

Joshua Dinklage named the transparents on E&M "Iceballs"
These are yellow and blue Buckeye Iceballs

Cranberry Pink Lemonade

Blue Cranberries

Buckeye Moonies. Look for Lutz Coverage.

Cranberry Sherbet

Cranberry Oxblood Egg Yolk Aventurines

Lemoncello Iceballs.