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    Kansas City marble show.

    Finally made it to Marble Crazy in KC! It was awesome. Fri. & Sat. were at Moon Marble. There were about a dozens makers there doing torchwork and 100's of handmade wonders. Up until now I haven't bought any hand mades, my stuff is mostly complete Mega collection and any Akro that strikes me but usually those are indian blankets and sparklers.

    As I cruzed the tables I saw a Moon & Stars and always liked them so I looked around and sure enough it was Mr. Salazar himself. He was really cool to talk to and I ended up buying one that my son picked out. Really neat experience for my first handmade! Also got a small Hot House marble that is pretty fun looking.

    Sunday was the KC marble collectors club show and my first marble show. We had a great time, especially my five year old son. I even won a door prize marble from Geoffrey Beetem, he called it a Winter swirl if I remeber right. Really cool looking dichroic swirl. There were 50 tables and going as fast as I could it took me almost two hours to try to see them all.

    I also scored about thirty Sammy Mountain buddies 3 run. Lots of blue and green aventurine in them with hint of Lutz maybe on some of them, a killer blue and orange Akro prize corkscrew, some crazy double patch full of bubbles that looks to be machine made, and ten Jabo/Daves Appalachian swirls. I'll be back next year.
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