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    Member Mr Meteorite's Avatar
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    Apr 2018
    Mendota Illinois

    Site to host my images

    Does anyone know of a good free site where I can host my images and insert them into my posts here instead of having to use really small images of low quality in order to host them here. I have to delete pics every time I post one and the quality is horrible.
    I tried photobucket but in order to display an image in a post I have to upgrade my photobucket account, not worth it tho host some images to post in treads and forums....
    Is there a way to upgrade the storage here?
    Thanks in advance,
    Joe K
    Mr. Meteorite

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    Super Moderator lstmmrbls's Avatar
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    Jan 2000
    Vallejo CA

    Re: Site to host my images

    You do not need to use low quality pics . Use the image resizer then post away. all you do is right click on your pic (after downloading program) the choose resize picture choose custom make it 800 by 800 and save your good to go
    CACs make me smile, Galen

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