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    Member Mr Meteorite's Avatar
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    Apr 2018
    Mendota Illinois

    AWESOME Acorn shaped beauty

    As I call this a transitional marble, I'm not completely sure that this falls into that category, I believe it does however. If it doesn't could somebody please tell me what this is considered and what the difference is?

    Anyway this is one of my very favorite pieces of my collection, it is very aesthetically pleasing and plain ole drool provoking eye candy.
    What is it in the production process that causes this type of "defect" aka art? One reason that I really like this one is that is is most definitely 100% unique, none like it anywhere and never will be, unless somebody makes there own clone of it. But naturally there will never be an exact pair to This beauty and that makes this mib a little extra special to me
    Are pieces such as this that have been "damaged" during production collectable, or is it a certain few who collect these?
    I really enjoy looking at all the different defects on many of my older marbles, am I alone in this?
    Thanks for lookin,
    Joe K
    Mr. Meteorite

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    Senior Member Alan's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    Re: AWESOME Transitional acorn shaped beauty AWESOME

    Its just a marble that has some bad cold rolls on it. Marble making produced a generous number of rejects.

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