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Thread: Shipping Marbles?      Share

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    Shipping Marbles?

    I hope this is a good spot to ask since it’s about trading and selling marbles. What is the best way to ship a lot of let’s say 100+ marbles? I mean do collectors really want them individually wrapped or how does it work?

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    Re: Shipping Marbles?

    I don't normally read this section but it's a good question.

    As a buyer, if there are a couple "special" marbles I see in the lot I'd ask the seller to wrap them individually. The main thing is you don't want them all rattling around in a box.

    One seller got creative and put a load of marbles in one of those vacuum bag sealers and it turned out well. Wasn't perfect but much better than loose in a cookie tin, within a box.

    It's due diligence mainly. For a rare marble I paid good money for, to arrive damaged from poor packing is a shame. Hope this helps

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