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    Radioactive Akro

    Hey, I don't know if this is known, But i thought I would throw it out there,

    I dug up an akro agate lemonade cork years back at a school demolition site.
    It was in mint condition, and i was stoked, it was the best one I found at the site.

    Anyway, years later, I now have a nice little collection of uranium glass, which I keep in a UV lit area for appearance.

    I found my old lemon cork, and put it with the glass, since it glows under black light, this got me thinking, why does it glow? could it be these are made with uranium? So I put the marble up to the tube on my Geiger counter, and bingo, we have gamma!

    So, be advised, that akro agate lemonade corks, and therefore, akro agate lemonade cork oxblood, are substantially radioactive, and while the exposure is negligible when handled, if you break one and particles are inhaled or ingested, you could be raising your chances of cancer substantially. Sequestered in the glass, it sould be fine, but those who are digging around the old akro site might be at heightened risk of cancer too.

    This is not a theory I have personally verified that the marbles are radioactive.
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    Re: Radioactive Akro

    Thanks for the info. I knew they used uranium oxide, but have never had access to a geiger counter to test them out. Do love Akro's Lemonade Oxblood, both in marbles and in the children's tea sets.

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    Re: Radioactive Akro

    I bought a Geiger counter on Amazon, as SOON as Trump and Putin started saber rattling about their relative artillery superiority.
    I figured, I could justify it as a curiosity and hobby expense if the sum of all fears never came to be, And if it did, well, better to have one,
    Cant get it when you already need it. And nobody else can either, so suddenly you become the highest bidder in the wasteland.

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