Hello! My name is Kami Box and I just discovered this company, formerly known as Mega Marbles, a few weeks ago. I discovered it because while I was rummaging around in my mom's closet for supplies (more on that later), I found a couple of bags of decorative glass jewels from Mega Marbles that I would thought would do nicely for my project (more on that later).

This particular product is called Stars and Gems. Each bag contained almost a pound of blue glass jewels and eleven opaque, white star gems. With both bags, I now have 22 glass stars with which to do my project. Sounds great, right?

Except I need 25.

The project I'm working on is a Viking rune set. Rune sets like this are often used for divination, self reflection, etc, It contains 24 stones that each bear one rune of the traditional 24- rune futhark, and one blank stone that represents the Divine, or God, or Odin, etc. So basically I need three more of these glass decorative stars to complete my set.

If any of you know of where I can buy another bag of Stars and Gems, or if any of you have a bag that you want to sell to me, please please please let me know. I would love to hear from you. This product is rather old- mom bought these bags several years ago- so I'm coming here to this message board to see if anyone can help me out. Thank you so much for reading!

Product name: Stars & Gems Asst
Bar/UPC code: 754316555487