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    Jan 2019

    Need help with these

    I just got these with a bunch of Benningtons. Not sure what some of them are. Please ! Thanks

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    Re: Need help with these

    Ones on the left column of first pic look like they could be older handmades, potentially some decent ones depending on condition. A lot of the rest look like machine mades with an acid etch or else sitting in water (aquarium) for a long time. The green/white/blue is kind of neat.

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    Re: Need help with these

    Looks like mix of old and new. For example, right hand pic, thrid row down looks like group of Vacor - maybe Micelangelo. Also, Vacor made some "frosted" types that look like ones that have been in water for long time. Good group to try and ID. Red & white looks like transitional. Black one in lower right with stripes looks like Indian (older handmade).

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