I added this board because I have noticed a tendency for many people to incorporate marbles into art, and given the unique ability of this board to host uploaded images, I figured it'd be nice to devote a board to showcasing people's efforts!

I am currently in the process of digging all of Divina's posts from "The Round Table" forum and posting them here. I know there are other marble art posts, but they will be a little harder to find and move here. (Divina's posts are almost *always* featuring her art, so I started with her, but *all* artists, professional and amateurs are encouraged to share your work here!

I encourage:

- Virtual Marble Art ("Fantasy" Marbles, 100% digital creations)
- Digital Marble Art (Art made on your computer incorporating digital images of real marbles)
- Traditional Marble Art (Digital images of drawings, paintings, etc. featuring marbles)

I look forward to everyone's creations!! Enjoy!